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Mary Alice Ryan

MaryAlice Ryan, originally from the Boston metropolitan area, has been residing and performing in Pittsburgh since 2009. She received her Bachelor Degree in Music Performance in Percussion at Duquesne University and is currently studying toward a Masters of Music from Carnegie Mellon University. MaryAlice also currently works with Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as the Manager of Retail Sales and Special Projects.

MaryAlice premiered as a professional musician in Jordan Hall, Boston at the age of 14. In 2012, she was selected to perform with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony for the company’s tour in Italy. MaryAlice has performed under the baton of Gerard Schwarz of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra; Andres Carnes, the former Pittsburgh Symphony concertmaster; Lawrence Loh, the assistant conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra; Sidney Harth, former associate conductor of the Los Angles Philharmonic; and Leonard Slatkin, the conductor of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. After graduation from the Carnegie Mellon Masters Program, MaryAlice plans on continuing her work at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra while performing orchestral percussion throughout the region.