Ann Cloutier

Ann Cloutier has been singing since forever. No, seriously...she has a recording to prove it (which she will gladly share with anyone who’s in need of a good giggle). Her musical career solidified in high school, where as a senior she won first chair, second soprano in the prestigious TMEA All State Choir. Far from being a one-trick pony, during the same year, Ann also qualified for TMEA All State Band and won an Outstanding Performer Award at the Texas State Solo & Ensemble Competition (TSSEC) by playing the third movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto in A passably well. That’s the fast one for anyone keeping score.

Ann studied vocal performance at the University of North Texas with Pattye Johnstone and David Sundquist. She was part of multiple ensembles, including the university’s Grand Chorus, which performed major choral works. It was here that she discovered an incredible distaste for most major choral works, as well as a great affinity for anything written prior to the year 1800.

Upon moving to the Pittsburgh area, Ann joined the Pittsburgh Camerata, the city’s professional chamber choir, and sang with them for seven seasons. During the group’s 2008/2009 season, she was a soloist in the group’s performance of Vivaldi’s Gloria (with the Pittsburgh Symphony Chamber Orchestra and Andres Cardenes at the helm) which was just fine with her because, y’know, early music and whatnot.

Ann is currently alto soloist at Mt. Lebanon United Lutheran Church, has two tiny dogs and two advanced martial arts belts, works as a marketing technology nerd, and spends most of her non-working life doing DIY remodeling projects on her absolute money pit of a house.